Vanilla Bean, Vanilla Tahitian

(Lycopersicon esculentum )

A popular crimson red medium tomato with great taste that tolerates low night temperatures, so it is ideal for cooler area. A Russian heirloom that is an early producer. A tough and vigorous producer that needs staking.

An attractive cultivar medium sized, scarlet red fruit that is full of flavour. Tolerant of cool night temperatures and ideal for cool climate gardens

Flavours/Food Partners

A rich flavored tomato that partners well with Latin herbs like garlic, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and thyme. Use with any good salad vegetable, Nasturtium flowers and mixed fresh herbs to make an attractive and tasty salad.


Like all tomatoes, Red Russian is high in the cancer fighting agent, Lycopene and also Vitamin C. For a classic rich sauce cook and mix with garlic, marjoram, sweet basil, diced shallots, and fresh pizza thyme. Finely dice, mix finely chopped shallots, fresh pesto basil and extra virgin olive oil and place on lightly toasted Turkish bread then top with an anchovie for a special homemade bruschetta.


Plant in an airy, sunny position in well drained soil or very large pots. Requires a 1.1 to 1.4 m stake.


Like all tomatoes it must receive a deep soaking when almost dry and should not receive overhead watering. Feed regularly with Seasol and Powerfeed. A small amount of dolomite lime after planting will make stronger plants. Remove side shoots and develop two or three main leaders. Harvest when fruit is full color

Herb Attributes

Position Full Sun
Height 1.2m
Width 50cm
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(Vanilla planifolia)

There are many herbs in The Renaissance range. Some are essential to any good kitchen, others are exotic and some are special and make up our Premium Collection. Vanilla Bean is an attractive Central American climbing orchid. Under ideal conditions it produces banana like fruit that dry to become Vanilla pods.

Food Style and Partners

Dried Vanilla pods are used to produce the classic Vanilla flavor of desserts and drinks. Ice cream and creamy desserts like panna cotta work best. It partners well with any of the traditional dessert tastes like ginger, almond, cherry and most citrus.


The pods need to be cured before use and then the beans can be used whole (one bean = 2-3 teaspoons of bought extract) or made in to your own extract. Pods can also be used to make an extract. Unsweetened vanilla has many health benefits and is reputed to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure whilst also working as an aphrodisiac.


This is a climbing shrub that likes a warm and moist (but not wet roots) environment. Prefers rich soils in a warm position with natural light and a trellis to climb on. It doesn’t tolerate cold temperatures and likes high humidity. Indoor only in cool areas.


The flowers need to be hand pollinated in late winter to early spring. The resultant green pods harvested and cured and there are many websites that will give detailed instructions. Give regular applications of Seasol and Powerfeed to keep the plant healthy and producing well. Mist regularly especially in dry environments.

Herb Attributes

Height 40CM
Width 1.5M