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In 1986 Philip Moore was living in Sydney and an enthusiastic “foodie”. Finding the right herbs to use in new styles of cuisine was difficult, as at that time herbs were mainly sold from backyard production and not from nurseries. Philip started growing herbs to supplement his student income and soon realised there was a growing mainstream interest in herbs and their uses. As most growers used paddle pop sticks with just the name, Philip realised more people would try herbs if they knew a bit about how to grow them  and how to use them. He designed the original labels with basic information that would help the home grower use them successfully and Renaissance Herbs was born. The word Renaissance was chosen as he saw it as a “new beginning” for herbs and chose the Rooster as a logo as it symbolises a new day.

36 years on, Renaissance Herbs are available Australia wide and has a range of over 400 Herb products each with a label that gives growing tips, uses and flavour partners.