Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium)

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Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium)

A rounded blue green shrub with typical yellow-eyed, white daisy like flowers in late spring to mid summer.

Growing Tips

Pyrethrum prefers an open sunny position in well drained limey soil but will grow in most soils and garden beds.


Pyrethrum is not a culinary plant but is an excellent insecticide and companion plant for the home and garden, controlling a wide range crawling, flying and sucking insects. Collect and dry mature flowers, place in mineral oil overnight. Strain, bottle and store in a cool dark place. Mix with six parts of water and two drops of Sesame oil. Spray on insects and can be used as a repellent spray to deter insects from landing. Can also be further diluted and used as a pet wash. Do not consume.

Herb Attributes

HarvestNo harvesting is needed.
PositionFull Sun