Bergamot Lemon (Monarda citriodora)

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Bergamot Lemon (Monarda citriodora)

A low growing, spreading perennial with long lasting pink flowers in spring and summer. A native of the American Southwest growing erect with leaves 3-8cm long. The flowers are very pretty in white or pink with purple dots, growing in typical Bergamot fashion.

Growing Tips

Prefers a constantly moist position in the garden. It will tolerate low to high light conditions.


A peppery lemon and thyme flavour that blends well with many traditional herbs and adds a tangy flavour to stuffing, sauce and marinades. Use at any time during the cooking cycle. It also makes a nice herbal tea. A cleansing herb that helps with relaxation and as a skin tonic. Attractive edible flowers make a nice garnish.

Herb Attributes

PositionShade to full sun