Phygelius Yellow Trumpet


(Phygelius aequalis ‘Yellow Trumpet’)


Phygelius ‘Yellow Trumpet’ is an easy care drought tolerant plant with attractive form, flowers and foliage.


The flowers are long, thin butter yellow tubes that are arranged thickly along upright stems in a similar way to Penstemon. They appear from mid summer and continue till autumn.


A sunny or lightly shaded position is preferred. Fits in well as a background to low growing shrubs and perennials. Will tolerate most soil types.


Trim out spent flowering stems in winter. Every few years the plant can be cut almost to the ground and fresh growth will appear in spring. This will keep it looking young and fresh for many years.


Regular applications of Seasol and Power Feed will keep it looking its best.


  • Red can = Little water in hot, dry weather.
  • Green can = Deep watering every few weeks in hot, dry weather.
  • Blue can = Deep watering weekly in hot, dry weather.

Codes are a guide only and watering requirements will be affected by soil type, competition, mulching, wind and many other factors. Try to group plants with the same code in the one bed.

CAUTION: May be harmful if eaten.

Herb Attributes

Plants Needed per Square Metre 1-2
Habit A shrubby perennial with semi woody stems. Plants spread gradually by underground runners that are easily managed.
Position Part to Full Sun, Moderate Frost.
Height 1.0M
Width 80CM