Hollyhock Spring Purple


(Alcea rosea annua ‘Spring Purple’)


A stunning dwarf form of this classic garden plant that adds colour and definition to any perennial bed. It has been in cultivation for nearly 400 years.


The frilly double purple flowers appear in summer.


Plant in a sunny position in normal free draining garden soil. Choose a position thatĀ is out of the wind and plant in groups for dramatic effect and to enable plants to support each other.


Remove spent flower stems at groundĀ level. Responds well to occasional deep watering during summer but does not like wet feet.


Regular applications of Seasol and Power Feed will keep it looking its best.


  • Red can = Little water in hot, dry weather.
  • Green can = Deep watering every few weeks in hot, dry weather.
  • Blue can = Deep watering weekly in hot, dry weather.

Codes are a guide only and watering requirements will be affected by soil type, competition, mulching, wind and many other factors. Try to group plants with the same code in the one bed.

CAUTION: May be harmful if eaten.

Herb Attributes

Plants Needed per Square Metre 9-10
Habit A compact perennial plant that flowers on a single stem.
Position Full Sun, Moderate Frost.
Height 60CM
Width 45CM