Euryops Virgineus


(Euryops virgineus ) 


An evergreen shrub with masses of bright yellow daisy-like flowers that are prominently displayed at the tips of the densely foliaged stems.


Mass of small, yellow, daisy-like flowers that are produced in abundance in winter and throughout the whole year.


A sunny location with well drained soil is preferred. The compact form of this plant makes it ideal for rock gardens, container planting or border edges.


This hardy plant will tolerate wind, salt, frost and drought. Prune in late winter to encourage dense compact growth and prolong flowering. Remove dead flowers.


Regular applications of Seasol and Power Feed over spring and summer will keep it looking is best.


  • Red can = Little water in hot, dry weather.
  • Green can = Deep watering every few weeks in hot, dry weather.
  • Blue can = Deep watering weekly in hot, dry weather.

Codes are a guide only and watering requirements will be affected by soil type, competition, mulching, wind and many other factors. Try to group plants with the same code in the one bed.

CAUTION: May be harmful if eaten.

Herb Attributes

Plants Needed per Square Metre 1
Habit A compact, fast-growing evergreen shrub.
Position Part to Full Sun, Heavy Frost.
Height 1.2M
Width 1M