Artemisia Lad’s Love

A striking ornamental with jade green, glossy leaves and large umbels of white flowers. Very decorative for floral arrangements.



(Artemesia abrotanum)

Attractive, irregular branching, soft, feathery, deeply cut, grey/green leaves that form alternately. Small, very inconspicuous, yellow/white flowers. Aroma of leaves when crushed is a little like wormwood, with a refreshing lemony scent.

Growing Tips

Plant in a well-drained, sunny position. Prune to keep it in good shape. (Being an Artemesia it may inhibit growth of nearby plants).


Aromatic leaves, which contain absinthol, have an insect-deterring effect. For this reason, it has had a history of use: added to sachets to deter moths in cupboards, dry the leaves and line nests to deter lice in the hen house. Leaves have been used in stuffing’s for rich meats like goose and duck.

Herb Attributes

Harvest Pick fresh leaves and flowers throughout the year.
Position Full sun
Height 1.5m
Width 1.5m
Lifespan Perennial