Anise Hyssop, Liquorice Mint

An upright shrub with deep grey green leaves and pale blue flowers, and the classic aromatic foliage.


(Agastache foeniculum)

A tough herbaceous perennial with purple-blue, anise scented flowers in late summer – great garden plant.

Flavours/Food Partners

Leaves and flowers have a delightful anise flavor. Primarily used as a tea herb with others like lemon and lime verbena, scented geraniums, chamomile and the various mints. The anise flavour also goes well as a substitute for true anise in soups, salads, with white meat and fresh vegetables. Use in baking to impart a soft liquorice flavour to cakes, buns and bread. Flowers make excellent garnishes, fresh or dried.


Steep whole leaves in boiling water to create a refreshing tea. Add fresh and dried flowers to salads and deserts. Flowers will retain color and aroma even after drying. It is reputed to be an aid to the respiratory system and can be used as a poultice.


Requires a well drained soil in full sun. Is an excellent garden plant in mass plantings or as a background plant to a traditional cottage garden.


Regular applications of Seasol and Power Feed will keep it looking its best. Cut back annually to keep under control. 

Herb Attributes

Height 2.0M
Width 50CM