Herb Blocks

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Herb Blocks

Herb Blocks: These are something to use during winter or when temporarily out of Coriander or Basil.  Make up a blend of the herbs to taste, adding a small amount of quality extra virgin olive oil to give a smooth paste.  Then place in ice block track in freezer.  Careful not use too much garlic as it can overpower the herbs.

  1. Coriander/ginger/garlic
  2. Basil/Oregano/garlic
  3. Basil/Coriander/Dill

Coconut Oil: Several brands generally from Health food shops.  Usually have two types, one with flavour and one with flavour removed. 

Avocado Oil: Oil made from avocado and infused with Caribbean lime available in most supermarkets. Can be replaced with extra virgin olive oil mixed with 30ml of fresh lime juice.