Zucchini 'Rondo De Nice' (Cucurbita pepo var. melopepo)

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Zucchini 'Rondo De Nice' (Cucurbita pepo var. melopepo)

An attractive French variety that produces ample amounts of succulent small rounded fruit. This variety has masses of yellow flowers meaning it can be grown for the flowers and the fruit.

Growing Tips

Airy, open position with plenty of sun, avoid overhead watering. Do not separate varieties.


Zucchinis partner well with tomatoes, eggplant and capsicums. The zucchini flavour is enhanced by herbs like French tarragon, basil sweet and basil Thai, fennel and dill. Flowers can be used as a garnish or a side dish. The most popular way to prepare a zucchini flower is by stuffing and battering it before deep frying it. They can also be baked, sautéed or used in soups.

Herb Attributes

HarvestHarvest flowers by cutting them from the stems in the middle part of the day (both the smaller male and the female can be used). This will ensure that the blossoms are open. Leave approximately 1 inch of stem. Wash the blossoms with cool water whilst looking for any bugs. Carefully dry with a clean paper towel after rinsing. Store in cool location. As for the zucchinis, they should not be allowed to get too large. Harvest when fruit is between 5 and 10 cm in diameter.
PositionPart to Full Sun