Tomato Heirloom 'Tommy Toe' (Lycopersicon esculentum )

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Tomato Heirloom 'Tommy Toe' (Lycopersicon esculentum )

This heirloom tomato originating from the Ozark mountains is famous for its flavour. Has a good resistance to most diseases and also a good choice for cooler growing regions.It produces large sprawling plants that yield large amounts of 2.5cm, bright red, juicy cherry tomatoes with excellent flavour. Great for salads.

God's gift to tomato growers: Long cropping with masses of fruit 8-10kg per bush. Excellent taste, good red color and disease resistant.

Flavours/Food Partners

Fresh tomatoes partner well with Latin herbs like garlic, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and thyme when cooked or when fresh they are enhanced by herbs like parsley, chives and celery leaf. They are pleasant when eaten whole on their own.


Like all tomatoes, Tommy Toe are high in the cancer fighting agent, Lycopene. This is enhanced by moderate cooking. They are high in Vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. These tomatoes are the size of a small apricot so can be used as a cherry tomato and eaten as snack, they are great for salads and salsa, make good full flavoured sauces and chutneys, are easy to pickle and put in the baking dish 10 minutes prior to serving for a tasty and colourful garnish.


Plant in an airy, sunny position in well drained soil or very large pots. Requires a 1.8 to 2.2 m stake


Like all tomatoes it must receive a deep soaking when almost dry and should not receive overhead watering. Feed regularly with Seasol and Powerfeed. A small amount of dolomite lime after planting will make stronger plants. Remove side shoots and develop two or three main leaders. Harvest when fruit is full color

Herb Attributes

PositionFull Sun