Basil Lime (Ocimum americanum)

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Basil Lime (Ocimum americanum)

Lime Basil has stems that can grow to 20-40cm tall. It has white flowers in late summer to early fall. The leaves are similar to basil leaves, but tend to be narrower.

Growing Tips

Choose a sunny site with well-drained soil, amend with well-rotted manure or compost.


The leaves feature in certain curries and it is also indispensable for the noodle dish Khanom chin nam ya. The seeds resemble frog's eggs after they have been soaked in water and are used in sweet desserts. You can also use the strongly scented leaves in soups, salads, chilli sauces and fish dishes. Leaves taste better if picked and added to dish just prior to serving. Works well in any Thai dishes.

Herb Attributes

HarvestRegularly, the more you harvest the more it will produce. If kept warm and harvested often you may even get 10 months worth of Basil leaves.
PositionPart to Full Sun